DOP & Editor – Stephan Knight
Client – ShowStudio
Director – Dan Lowenstein

‘We all have our own thoughts, feelings and opinions, they come across in the way we hold our selves, our expressions, our reactions and our style. They tend come from our background, upbringing and our life experiences. Some of us choose to stand out and some of us choose to blend in, but either way we all have our own identity’. – Dan Lowenstein

On December 2015 Dan approached me to be involved in a ‘creative fashion voyage’ which resulted filming in a derelict Italian Delicatessen in Kings Cross London.

We teamed up with three up and coming brands and displayed their clothing range in an abstract way. By using the DJI Ronin gimbal we managed to take the viewer through a journey into Geddes Gallery and one by one the viewer would enter into each separate room modelling their unique Identity.

Camera Gear used:

A7S & FS700 + Odyssey 7Q+
DJI Ronin-M
Cut & graded in Adobe Premiere CC

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